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you will obey the machine
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ShiroXIX's Profile Picture
Andy O.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Shiro and I am a really huge derp.
Hello! So most of you have probably noticed that I've been drawing a ton for this new group X-Kaleidoscope-X and I want all my followers to know that if you're interested in joining slots will be opening up on May 1st and new members will be accepted on May 15th. There's only 15 slots available, so read up on the journals and work hard on your apps! I'd love to see some of my older RP partners make it in~

Good luck!



Mirrors by ShiroXIX
Just a piercing reference for Jonah's face that I got carried away with~

Jonah by ShiroXIX

Jonah's face~ One day I'll do a proper reference where you can see all of the holes he wears colorful plastic in. This kid is like swiss cheese.

My sad raccoon child.
unEYE - Jonah by ShiroXIX
unEYE - Jonah

//still gotta draw on all of his tattoos, but I'm waiting on a commission for them~ So for now, have Plain!Jonah

Full name
: Asher Jonah Matlock
Alias: Just Jonah. Literally never tells anyone his last name.
Age: 22
Sex + gender: Male/Male

Notable features: Facial scars, piercings, tattoos

Height: 6'00"
Bodytype: Scrawny

Orientation: Omnisexual, Demi-romantic
Occupation: Drug dealer, information broker

Ever hear a song so loud and so FULL of guitar that for a while it just sounds like noise? Ever wake up with a monstrous hang over and open curtains, sunlight steaming in through the window right into your photosensitive eyes, glaring against your brain? That's Jonah. He's loud, obnoxious, foolhardy and stubborn and there's not a hair on his body that wants to listen to you tell him he's doing anything wrong. He's headstrong, serious about the rebellion and almost religiously obsessed with breaking out of the walls. He's a huge riot advocate and starts and attends as many as he can. He lives in a tiny little apartment in a bad part of town, trafficking drugs, propaganda, and information under the table. Half of what he says is bullshit and the other half is nonsense so taking anything from him at face value is like accepting that the sun doesn't shine. 

However, once you get to know him, Jonah's actually a pretty laid back dude. He doesn't worry about anything, isn't afraid of anything, and is mostly content to just sit around getting high and drinking. He likes to party, but he's also down to chill. His child-like fascination with the outside world can cause some interesting late-night conversation. He's loyal to a fault to his friends and cares so little for his life, laying it down for someone else is his dream. At the end of the day, all Jonah wants is some good coke, somewhere to sleep, and someone to sleep beside. As long as he's got that it doesn't matter that he's stuck inside a dystopian, concrete bowl.

Most of the time, Jonah is very deadpan and expressionless. He uses his eyes to convey most of his emotions, since the scars over his mouth make things like smiling difficult. He speaks with a constant murmur and doesn't annunciate his words. However: Riot!Jonah is loud, enthusiastic, excited and in love with life. Party!Jonah is just a stone's throw away from Riot!Jonah, so don't invite him to your mom's house or let him near any heirlooms.

+ Daylight riots/megaphones/a good fight
+ Old school arcades
+ Candy/soda/desert/drugs
+ The idea of the beach
+ Bright colors/accessories
+ Body modification/Pain
+ Fire/fireworks/pyrotechnics
+ Graffiti/tattoo art/punk rock and ska
+ Kids/baby-sitting
+ Arts and crafts/Sewing/BEDAZZLING

- The obvious (cops/rules/authority)
- People that try to screw him over (bad information/bad drugs)
- Being undermined or called a kid
- Slow songs
- Being made to 'dress-up'
- Wearing clothes in the first place
- Religion/the concept of 'faith'
- Doctors/dentists/paramedics

Good traits:
+ Funny
+ Skilled in hand-to-hand combat
+ Street-wise/Clever
+ Good with first aid
+ Surprisingly good leadership qualities
+ Loyal

Bad traits:
- Rash/stupid
- Really bad at organizing his thoughts
- Can't be serious
- Makes light of everything
- Low fear response (always fight, never flight)

:: Birthday - April 22nd
:: Has a sister he hasn't seen in a while
:: Parents were off'd while trying to breech the wall
:: Theme 
:: Sells heroine, cocaine and marijuana (Wednesday is brownie night!)


- I am American with a job, who is mostly unavailable on the weekends, but can reply most weekdays.
- CST (GMT -5)
- I prefer lit, but I'm not above *action* and if you're a new RPer, I'll be happy to teach you!
- Add me on Skype (ShiroXIX) or send me a note
x-Kaleidoscope-x - Echo Banner by ShiroXIX
x-Kaleidoscope-x - Echo Banner

 Echo Banner ("The Banshee")

: 19

Sex: Male

Height|Weight: 5'9" | 151 lbs

Rank: Junior

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat | melee combat | acrobatics/parkour | penchant for violence | defective moral compass

Color-Syndrome: Orange - #FF7F00 :: Hands | Eyes (from rubbing them) | Elsewhere 


Weapons: Tactical Survival Axe Handle (carbon steel)


- Wind, cold weather, snow
- Staining things with his mutation
- Video games
- Shoes, clothes 
- Physical activity
- Warm blood on his hands (creepy, dude)


- TV 
- How bright his mutation is
- Police (they scare him)
- Tight clothes
- Popcorn


- To be Azura's right hand man
- To personally kill a member of the Gray Order
- To own his own gang

Echo is, above all, surprisingly charismatic. He's got a great smile and is a trusting and loyal friend. He's empathetic and likes to listen to people's problems, a sagely savage. He likes people, and is a people person. It reminds him of when he had his child gangs, when his close friends looked up to him and came to him for advice. He mediates for people and will often check up on those around them to make sure that they're still doing well. Echo can even get jealous if people hide things from him instead of asking him to help. He's pretty perceptive of people's feelings too, so he can tell when people aren't being entirely honest with him.
He's also known for his competitive spirit, not just for himself, but for others. Echo will constantly try to psych up his team mates and get them to challenge one another to get stronger and fight harder. He strives to climb the ranks and for others to follow behind him. However, he can sometimes come off as a suck up because of this. He's terribly obedient and loyal to his leaders and would lay down his life if they asked. He goes out of his way to please. However, this isn't always a good thing and he's ended up badly wounded from his head-strong antics before.

As friendly as he is, though, Echo is pretty sarcastic and likes to poke fun at people. Those who don't know him well often times think of him 'mean' off the bat, but it's all in good humor. However, bad first impressions are a huge weakness of his. Sometimes, he doesn't know when to let a joke go or drop a shtick and he gets stuck with whoever was the brunt of the joke hating him and never giving him a second chance. On top of it all, he's also pretty trashy and likes to make lewd comments and jokes. He tried hard not to offend anyone, but he doesn't have much of a filter and constantly just says whatever is on his mind without thinking about consequences. He's ill mannered and brash and many people would even describe him as childish. He's impatient as well, for many things. He doesn't like waiting, will often jump to conclusions, and hardly ever thinks before he acts. 
Because of this, he can be careless in combat, often striking before he has a chance to survey his surroundings. He may have high perception, but that hardly helps when he's too impatient to implement it. He needs someone to balance him out. To make matters worse, Echo's quite violent. This may be good on the battlefield, but he also has a problem with lashing out at others and is prone to picking fights. It's the competitive nature combined with his impatience that feeds his strange blood lust. He's a valuable teammate, but quite a difficult one.

Background Information: 
Echo was born to a pair of drug addled parents that didn't want him. He was brought up tough and learned to fend for himself. He was a fan of street fights at a pretty young age, often inviting those around him to try their hand at besting him, even offering to beat kids up after watching them say or do anything to his friends. At 15, he was already known on his block for violence, but his parents didn't much care about it. If he got himself killed on the streets, they wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. Over the years, there grew a small gang that followed him around, and they would challenge other gangs in their neighborhood over trivial turf rights. We get this roof, you get the sewers. This warehouse is ours, but we'll fight you for yours. He had quite the following and quite the negative reputation. Eventually, too many kids moved away or their parents kept them out of Echo's gang wars and he was left with just one or two close friends that would fight beside him. When he was 16, he lost his eye and the person who took it became his first murder victim. His parents didn't do a thing for him after his injury, even refusing to take him to the hospital. They told him he deserved it.
When he was 17 and the disease took hold on him, his parents didn't pay much attention to him and let him lay in his room, fever-ridden and weak. When his fingernails turned orange and he knew he had the fabled 'Color-Syndrome', he tried to hide it, but his iconic axe handle slowly turned orange as well, stained by the creeping pigment up his palms. When his parents found it, they forced him out of their home, afraid he would infect them too. But a few months later and they knew it was already too late when the same bright orange color began to creep up their spines. They caught his disease and, unlike their son, they suffered, all the while begging the son they had abandoned to help them. They pleaded with him to come home and take care of them, to help them search for a cure, but he was hardened by their harsh words and not afraid to remind him of all the times they had neglected him. He scoffed at their pleas and left them to die, turning back to the city.
For two years, he stayed on the streets, an orange nightmare people began to call "the Banshee". Rumors had it that the shrill screams in the night were the ghosts of those taken by Color-syndrome. People knew Echo for his violence and the streak of his orange weapon in the night became infamous. They feared the diseased child and his murderous ways. He would stalk through the allies, knocking out thugs and homeless people to steal whatever they had on them to keep himself alive, but the people didn't see that. They only saw a murderous dog out for blood. Word spread about him from sector to sector until they crept into the right places, and into the right ears. Then, finally, someone from the Kaleidoscope heard of this reckless orange blur and picked him up. He was taken under the wing of the Ever Blues and has sense pledged himself to Azura to keep her safe.

- Birthday: November 12th (Scorpio)
- Likes fighting games
- Smokes analog cigarettes, but wants a cool box mod vape
- Likes holding things until they turn orange. (clothes, lighters, various accessories)
- Is talented at parkour and urban navigation and often climbs on things
- Self conscious of his lack of education
- Fascinated by the ways of the world before technology
- Likes biology and psychology
- Has a surprisingly large vocabulary
- Agender/Aromantic/Pansexual
Theme || 2 || 3
- Voice



Mom & Dad [DECEASED] - Hatred.
Don't make me talk about those worthless pieces of shit. Hey mom and dad, how's hell treatin' ya? Terrible? Good. Fuck off.

Charlie Black [DECEASED] - Best friend, confidant.
Everything I know, Charlie taught me. I never went to school as a kid. I met Charlie in one of the gangs and she was the most angelic, gentle person you'd ever know. If I could bring one person back from the dead...

Zephyr Hiland [DECEASED] - Friend, gang mate [REDACTED]
Zeph was a cool a guy. A really cool guy. He's probably who gave me color syndrome, though. He was--[REDACTED]


Ashe [DECEASED] - Beautiful cinnamon bun too good for this world. Too pure. Deep, platonic love.
Ashe was the most innocent, perfect creature to ever grace this planet. I cared more about him than I'd cared about anyone in a long time. I am going to find whoever it was that killed them and make sure they die a slow and painful death.

Hevel [DECEASED] - Complicated love. Strong bond.
Hevel was one of the most honest, simple people I've ever met and there was something really genuine about him that I really admired. He was the smartest person I ever met and I will never know someone like him ever again.

Azura - Beautiful, strong, effective and worthy of respect. 100% devoted to her.
Azura might be the leader of the Blues, but she's more than that to me. I'd do anything for her. If only she'd actually notice me. DAMN YOU, LIVIA, I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HER RHM ; A;

Livia - A pillar of hope, someone to look after, best friend material. Conflicted demi-romantic feelings.
My best friend. I'm literally always smiling when I'm around her? Livia is really important to me. She's done more for me mentally than I think anyone has since like... maybe Charlie? I like her a lot, but I don't think I'm ready to commit to anything. She deserves it, though.

Flynn - Obnoxious but fun to tease, likes his style. Thinks of him as a playful rival.
The first thing Flynn ever did was piss me off, but he's proved to me he's strong and pretty fuckin' smart. He's got a great head on his shoulders and is hella confident. I like him a lot. I want to fight him. Azura! Let me kick Flynn's ass!

Mako - Concern, respect, love. A beautiful creature to be protected. Treats him like you treat your grandma.
What can you even say about Mako other than he's so pretty and fragile and I'm scared he'll break if I touch him. Mako's wonderful and I want everyone to know him. I want to help him help everyone. I'll do anything for this guy. He's very important.


- I am American with a job, who is mostly unavailable on the weekends, but can reply most weekdays.
- CST (GMT -5)
- I prefer lit, but I'm not above *action* and if you're a new RPer, I'll be happy to teach you!
- Add me on Skype (ShiroXIX) or send me a note


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