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Chapter One: Falling Skies
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Andy O.
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United States
My name is Shiro and I am a really huge derp.
Alright, so I did it! I caved and started a Patreon account! We'll see how this goes! Thanks so much, guys!


NA - Jonah Reference by ShiroXIX
NA - Jonah Reference
Big Jojo reference... I hate his face, but what can you do?

Nova Abbadon - Jonah by ShiroXIX
Nova Abbadon - Jonah

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'00"
Weight: Skinny
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual / Aromantic
Occupation: Apothecary / Grave Robber / Toxicologist 
Race: Pure-blood Absolute
Weapon: Police-grade Electropulse Gun - fires bullets that have a taser-like effect, causing violent, painful electrocution over 30 seconds

Manipulation - Jonah is charming, trustworthy, loyal and dependable-- and very good at making people believe it. With a flash of his smile, he can get almost anything he wants.
Little White Lies - It goes hand in hand that someone manipulative must also be a skilled master of making fantasy sound like the truth. Honestly, with Jonah, there's no telling when he's being sincere and when he's playing you like a fiddle. 
Fearless - Jonah doesn't back down, has little regard for his own life, and isn't afraid of anything. He's absolutely ruthless when he has to be. What's the worst that can happen?

Inebriated - More often than not, Jonah is either on drugs, or recovering from last night's adventures. Sluggish, bleary-eyed and easily distracted, he's wide open for being attacked or taken advantage of
Open book - He has a hard time keeping things to himself and keeping secrets, but then again, this is a man who's talented in the art of subterfuge, so who knows?
Fearless - Sometimes a man's greatest strength is his biggest weakness. Because Jonah is fight and never flight, he can sometimes get himself into pretty sticky situations.

+ A good fight
+ Old school arcades/music/movies
+ Candy/dessert/drugs
+ Kids
+ Bright colors/accessories
+ Body modification/Pain
+ Fire/fireworks/pyrotechnics
+ Graffiti/tattoo art
+ Aliens, androids and robots (wants a 'companion' bot)

- Tarnish
- People that try to screw him over (bad information/bad drugs)
- Being undermined or called a kid
- Slow songs
- Being made to 'dress-up'
- Wearing clothes in the first place
- Religion/the concept of 'faith'
- Doctors/dentists/paramedics


Jonah is a lot like a ferret. Cute, an acquired taste, weasel-y, and yeah, he smells a little weird. A completely social animal, Jonah is everywhere. That party last Friday? Jonah was there. Your uncles wedding? Jonah was probably there. It's like he's always lurking in the shadows. He knows everyone's name and quite a bit about them, but most things about himself are shrouded in mystery, including his full name. Jonah is foolhardy and stubborn and there's not a hair on his body that wants to listen to you tell him he's doing anything wrong. He's almost religiously obsessed with leaving the city. Half of what he says is bullshit and the other half is nonsense so taking anything from him at face value is probably a mistake. 

However, once you get to know him, Jonah's actually a pretty laid back dude. He doesn't worry about anything, isn't afraid of anything, and is mostly content to just sit around getting high and drinking. He likes to party, but he's also down to chill. His child-like fascination with the outside world can cause some interesting late-night conversation. He's loyal to a fault to his friends and cares so little for his life, laying it down for someone else is his dream. At the end of the day, all Jonah wants is some good drugs, somewhere to sleep, and someone to sleep beside. As long as he's got that it doesn't matter that he's stuck on a dying planet.

Most of the time, Jonah is very deadpan and expressionless in the face and makes up for it with his excitable voice and constant hand gestures. He uses his eyes to convey most of his emotions, since the scars over his mouth make things like smiling difficult. He speaks with a constant murmur and doesn't annunciate his words.

Additional information:
:: Birthday - April 22nd
:: Son of a very wealthy Meat Merchant
:: Lives in the nicer part of the residential district in a fancy loft his dad pays for
:: Voice (WARNING: Lower your volume before clicking)
Alright, so I did it! I caved and started a Patreon account! We'll see how this goes! Thanks so much, guys!
Nova Abbadon Portraits 01 by ShiroXIX
Nova Abbadon Portraits 01
Jacob belongs to UnknownGoddess
Edward belongs to NidZS
Raven belongs to fragmentality
Ava belongs to Drifting-Down
Justin belongs to Devilsflair

Just some warm-up/practice to get me back into drawing. Hopefully I'll have time to draw everyone eventually!
Store Front by ShiroXIX
Store Front
I have a feeling this was compiled against his will, but Kae doesn't take it down because he's well aware sex sells.


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