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Andy O.
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My name is Shiro and I am a really huge derp.


KADG - 2016 by ShiroXIX
KADG - 2016
- Have your character rate their "date-ability" on a scale of 1-10 (10/10!)

- Hobbies, interests, or desires (Dungeons and Dragons, Pottery, SMOOCHES)

- Personal quote or "selling point" (Perfect eyes, best hair in Abbadon)

- Short "sales pitch" about how the night is sure to go/what you have to offer!
MERCFRONT - Lark Hirvi by ShiroXIX
MERCFRONT - Lark Hirvi
:iconmercfront:  :iconmercfront:  :iconmercfront:

Name: Lark Hirvi
Species: Elfdeer
Ethnicity: Scandinavian
Gender: Male
Height: 1,72 m
Age: 18
Birthday: June 16th 
Voice: [link]
Theme: [link]

Appearance notes:
- Upturned nose / Thick eyebrows / Full, pouty lips

- Antlers are based on elks
- Rail thin / little to no muscular definition
- Freckles on nose, shoulders, chest, and hips/butt
- Piercings: Snake bites, symmetrical ears (gauged lobes, 2 extra lobe, 2 cuffs)
- Piercings (cont.): Collar bone (both sides), 2 dydoe, 2 frenum, pubic, lorum
- Plugs are made from pitchbeast horns

Easily Flustered | Full-spectrum Emotive | Passionate + Easily Excited | Distrusting + Doubtful | Pessimistic | Lazy
Chaotic Neutral | ISTP | Gemini

Upon first glance one might think that Lark was a pile of laundry or a vaguely interesting rock. Usually found lounging around, listening to music, Lark is quite the wallflower and always the last person to get up when everyone else is leaving. Slow to approach others, but willing to talk to those that seek him out, Lark is usually pretty lax on most subjects, including getting to know anyone. He's slow to trust others and his tendency to be a bit of a downer usually stunts his attempts at relationships. Because of this, he can get overwhelmed when people compliment him or if people call him their 'friend'. Though he sometimes comes off as distant or uncaring, he can get quite excited or energetic when it comes to things he really enjoys, like his hobbies. If anything good happens to you, Lark will be the first to say "that's great man!" and ride your enthusiasm. When it comes to work, he'd rather not-- unless he has to. Great with survival skills and combat, he's an excellent person to have as a team mate-- that is, IF you can get him to work with you. He's somewhat of a loner when it comes to hunting, but isn't above helping someone out if they ask for it.

+ Warm weather / Loose clothing / Swimming

+ Spicy food / Kebabs / Ice tea
+ Robots / Droids / Technology
+ Making music -O-/ Electronica / Dubstep / Dancing
+ Festivals / Parades / Block parties

- Shoes / Having to dress warm / Winter

- Dairy / Anything creamy 
- Thankless jobs / Thieves / Killsteals (do not)
- Strong smells / Gasoline / Smoke
- Authority / Being told what to do

+ Flexible / Fast / Agile

+ Impeccable aim / Great hearing / Eyesight
+ Tracking / Internal compass / Well-traveled
+ Resourceful / Survival skills
+ Emotionally distant / No family

- Selfish / Refuses to accept help

- Fatigue / Hypoglycemia 
- Susceptible to headaches from smells
- Violent tendencies / Outbursts of rage
- Pessimistic / Easily discouraged

Fighting style: Sniper | Taekwono
Preferred weapons: Crossbow + Bolts | Throwing knives
Other equipment: Canvas Bucket Bag || Hoverboard | Blowtorch | Phone + Essentials | Vials + Syringes | Notebook | Lip Balm | Snacks

- Special talent: Opening beer bottles with his antlers

- Antlers shed and velvet every year
- Mumbles, speaks quietly, trips over his words, sighs a lot
- Has been an orphan since he was 3, was raised by his older sister
Nova Abbadon - Ilys Hi'arak by ShiroXIX
Nova Abbadon - Ilys Hi'arak
Name: Ilys Hi'arak
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Thin
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: ???
Occupation: Archbishop / Healer / Preist
Race: Eiorca
Weapon: Words

- Healing vines:
Ilys grows fines from the flower that 'blooms' on the back of his head. These are filled with an aloe that promotes tissue restoration and staunches blood loss. Ilys grows at about three inches per week, or one foot a month. These can be eaten to reduce pain symptoms or slow internal bleeding, flayed open to lay inside of wounds to close them more quickly, or pressed against bruises and welts to reduce color and swelling.

- Mucilage thought transfer

Eiorca communicate through a very intimate sign language and the exchange of their tannin and mucilage. Receptors on their finger tips absorb bodily fluid, a primary factor in Eiorca communications. Because of this, Ilys can 'read peoples thoughts' when in contact with their bodily fluids. The 'thoughts' are more like emotions and feelings. While he cant decipher things word-for-word, he can catch glimpses of things that a person has seen, as well as experience emotions connected to their current thoughts. 

- Planetary communication
Ilys' people are almost more connected to their planet than they are to one another. Just by stepping into soil, he can fell the 'environmental pulses' of the planet: things like moisture, fertility of the soil, fauna presence, etc. Because of this, he can be a useful companion when trying to take the road less traveled.

- Separation from water
Because he is basically a plant, Ilys will literally wither when separated from water. Not only does he require water to drink, but he also requires to be submerged in clean, fresh, water relatively often to stay alive. Because of this, Abbadon is a very dangerous place for him and he tends to spend most of his time in the Garden greenhouses, where he can absorb the water from the moist air.
- Toxic air
While he can technically breath Abbodon's air, it can get quite painful for him, especially if there are particles like sand in the wind. High amounts of smoke, sand, or gasses can render him almost instantly ill, and if not moved to a less harmful environment, he runs the risk of death. 

- Susceptible to fire/pyrophobic
Once again, because he is a plant, Ilys is flammable. More than just burns and blisters, fire can actually eat away at his flesh, similar to acid. Burned areas cannot heal once they are singed. Deep scars cover his feet from burn wounds and if you so much as light a cigarette near him, Ilys will likely panic.

- Plants, flowers, herbs, tea
- Talking to and educating people, especially those who remind him of his son
- Physical contact, his native language, and teaching people how to speak it
- Serenity, peace, calming music, meditating 
- Wearings clothes, though his people do not, also wearing glasses, despite his perfect eyesight

- Smoking or drinking: both cause him physical pain
- Leaving the Gardens, since he doesn't like to be away from water
- People thinking they can just "take" his vines
- People staring at him or fearing him
- Most machines and technology
- The dark
- Rejection


Completely put off by the life that Abbadon offers, Ilys is constantly observing from afar and hesitant to initiate conversation. Often keeping to himself and letting his eyes wander, he likes to simply people watch. When approached he is polite and will hold a conversation, but is still having a hard time grasping human language and the idea that touching one another is not considered normal or welcome. Ilys is gentle and kind, his mannerisms indicative of his social upbringing and age. Soft spoken and fatherly, Ilys is quick to guide and educate, always eager to lend a helping hand and his wisdom to any given task. He tends to dote on people, building them up, giving them empowering speeches and a pat on the head. He's also pretty good at sniffing out lies or deceit-- years of being a father will do that to a man. Ilys is slow to anger and never raises his voice. He prefers to talk out any disputes calmly and quietly. He raises his hand to no one and is a complete pacifist-- the idea of fighting not only frightens him, but makes him feel a little sick. 

Despite Abbadon's harsh climate and how negatively it affects him, Ilys refuses to live in solitude, trapped in the Gardens, and 
forces himself out into the world. Despite his discomfort and fears, Ilys keeps the same erect posture as always. He talks with his hands and tends to stare deeply into peoples’ eyes when they are speaking with him, as he feels this is the closest he can get without touching them. He takes his business very seriously, as he feels he is forever indebted to the Nitens' and must do everything within his power to pay them back. He trusts other aliens more than humans, especially those that come from planets similar to his, lacking machines and technology. He does, however, enjoy human music and the occasional candy.

Additional information:
- Was responsible for the horrible tragedy in which he lost his son
- Recently lost Abel, his traveling companion, before crashing on Earth
- Has traveled ALL over the galaxy, knows much about the 'space' surrounding the planet
- His blood is deep purple and if ingested, tastes like red wine and causes narcosis and a feeling of euphoria
- If ingested, his tannin tastes bitter and can cause hallucinogenic effects. 

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